Chasing Rain

Eventually the car was packed and we were on the road. Our plans have been so loose though, that it wasn’t until we hit the highway that we decided where we were going. And then it started raining.

A few months ago I made a day dream comment to my climbing partner about road tripping to the southwest to climb this fall. I guess it can be good to day dream out loud because it planted the seed that grew in motivation until it finally pushed us both out the door.

The ideal climbing season in the southwest would have been about a month earlier, but there were too many fantastic things going on, including some late season fair weather climbing days in Tuolumne Meadows and a dam release flow to kayak the Feather River.

Professionally it has been a season of growth. I became involved in Santa Cruz Open Streets, an event that closed West Cliff Drive to car traffic and let the people reclaim it as public recreation space. Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of founder and director, Saskia Lucas, and a small team of volunteers, the half day event was a radiant success with nearly 10,000 people in attendance. This is something I plan to continue working on to make it happen in other places and more often.

It brought our community and the neighborhood together to interact in a healthy environment- and you can’t beat the view of our gorgeous coastline!

In the background of my summer and fall I have also been growing more involved with developing the future of the non profit organization, Rivers for Change.

A strategic planning workshop in Bolinas last weekend set the outer limit for our departure date. After two inspiring and productive days of work it was time to change gears.

It’s the norm that my adventurous pursuits influence my professional life. Now, I’m learning professional tools that are improving my adventures. Sure my climbing partner thought it was slightly overkill to create a mission statement, goal list, action plan and finance management system for our road trip. But having the communication tools to discuss the subjects is invaluable.

I consider almost all of my road trips working adventures now as the lines between journalism, advocacy and play get blurrier.

They’re especially blurry in the rain. But it will taper off, we’re going to the desert after all. Our spontaneous decision on the highway yesterday led us to Cayucos for the night, where my sister is staying at the old family beach house. We watched storm clouds roll in and walked on the beach at low tide.

Now we are eastward bound to Las Vegas and the canyons of Red Rocks. Chasing the rain away as we go and following sunshine for the coming weeks.

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