Jesus, is that you?

It’s not what you think. I’m not a born again or religious nut. This book was written by an old friend of my father’s. Well, actually, Jesus wrote the book, my friend was just the medium.

Confused? Under the pen name Ian Adam Moore, the author claims that the book he recorded was “dictated” to him by a spirit who died two thousand years ago and who claimed that his name was Jesus. The book covers in detail the periods of Jesus’ life not described in the New Testament and claims that he was not crucified.

The first half of the book largely describes the historical setting of Jesus’ life. He seems a curious, likable fellow. The second half dives deeper into his family life, education and  explorations across the landscape. Unknown secrets that to him, weren’t secrets at all, just facts about himself that friends and family bent to fit their own egos.

It is a story about Jesus, the man, that I am sure no one has ever imagined. Jesus as a practitioner of pranayama? Yep.

Here is a preview from the prolog:

Strange as it all is, I found it fascinating, and at times humorous in reflection of our modern world.

The book is available at Bookshop Santa Cruz in the local authors section or you can contact me for a copy at wavehaven at gmail dot com. To read more from the author visit:

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