Technical details

Greetings readers,

This is just a short note in response to those who were unable to view my last post, and a reminder to those who viewed it in their email. When posts appear in your inbox please click on the title of the post to be transferred to the original posting on my blog page. This gives you, the reader, the benefit of seeing spiffy photos I carefully pick out as the header for each post. This gives me, the blogger, the benefit of you entering my site and potentially browsing other articles I’ve published under the “Writing” heading – such as my recent Santa Cruz Sentinel article on Terri Schneider’s expedition to Bhutan.

I think it’s also possible that as subscribers, you are able to control what appears in your inbox – a link or the full post. You may want to check that out at your leisure. It’s true that some posts may be easier to read in your inbox as the background is always white with black text. If I were more techno savvy I would somehow manipulate this in my blog so the text was black on white while the photos remained with a black background. Alas, I would rather be pulling weeds or petting the cat. So I leave it up to you, with all the options I’m aware of on the table.

So, if you missed it, go back and check out my wanderings through the Carrizo Plain. I’ll bet you had never even heard of it before now!

Thanks for reading!

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