Separation of Bike and Rider

Oh glorious Sunday morning
Tradition of respect and worship
worshiping the divine within
the divine without

On my way I was distracted
Sunny clear winter day
No time for walking
Ride I must

The ocean is calling
Waves have been pounding
A change of plan
Pedals are spinning

Wheels are turning
I know every spoke
Linked and tightened
by my own hands

I’m rewarded with the sweet
salty smell
Moments of stillness
in a sea of motion

Then off to church
Meditation of mind in motion
Postures and breathing
My wheels stay outside

Offer of sourdough pancakes
I will meet you there
Where is

My bicycle?
Rack don’t stare back
I don’t want to see you
Eyes stare at me

Condolences fall
on the sidewalk
Look down
I still have two feet

These are true
Bicycle gone
Walking legs
Hands for building

Again spokes in fingers
wrench in hand
Wheels turning
turning turning

2 thoughts on “Separation of Bike and Rider

  1. We’re so sorry. It is a very personal violation. But we’re glad that YOU are intact. The way the writing began I was afraid you took a “flyer” —- and that could have been much worse. In reflection, I guess this outcome is not as bad as some others.

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