Sailing into Town

It’s one of my favorite things to have friends drop into town, spicing up my day with unexpectedness. I’ve been lucky to have so many fun visitors so far roll into town. I have to say though, that there is a huge bonus to living in a coastal town with a harbor- even if that harbor was essentially destroyed by a tsunami earlier this summer. Friends can visit me by driving to town, biking, and yes, small though we are there is actually an airport in Crescent City, but the most unique method of transport that a friend has used so far to drop in is by far, sailing.

The Dream Reach

The Dream Reach

Haven on Dream Reach

Bill had helped me move my belongings with his giant van when I first came up to Crescent City from Santa Cruz in June. Then he continued north to his home in Petersburg, Alaska. His home, of course, is the lovely 54 foot sailing cutter, Dream Reach.

He has been planning for an extended 1-2 year cruise for the past many years, but due to lack of suitable crew, is sailing single handed down the coast to land in Bodega Bay for a while.

Ever since hitch hiking across the Indian Ocean in ’98 I’ve been partial to sailing and the cruising life. It’s magic to travel by wind!

I couldn’t resist a visit out to the Dream Reach, and depending on when he’s outward bound, maybe joining for the day run down to Humbolt Bay.

Meanwhile, I’ll settle for dinner on board and perhaps a sunset sail.

Bill and Haven



And, of course dessert- the blackberries have been going off!

Blackberry cobbler

1 thought on “Sailing into Town

  1. Excellent, Haven. Keep it up —- that is enjoying everthing Del Norte has to offer. BTW, i walked on the beach between Elk Creek and the breakwater yesterday and i was noticing a sailing boat anchored out there. Maybe that was Bill. Give him our warm regards —- gw and patty

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