First Visitors

Friday came with a call that my first visitors to my new house would arrive.
Friends from San Francisco, Cary and John, zoomed in on their motorcycle tour of the northwest after spending time with our mutual buddy, Kyle, at Mt. Rainier, WA. They brought fabulous Oregon cherries and were ready to chill by the river. Hesitant at first at the cool water, they both soon realized it was a perfect swimming temperature and incredibly clear.
We spent about 1/2 hour in the water in the pool behind my house and then cruised down the trail (my house is bordered on 1 side by State Park land) scoping for ripe thimble berries. The berries have just started to ripen here and they are the most delicate and delicious of all the wild berries I have ever tasted.
Cary and John joined me on a little trip the next morning into Crescent City to check out the Farmers Market. There was little in the way of produce, but the market won big points for having fresh kettle corn and a local bakery with excellent doughnuts. I have come to find that making friends with people who have gardens is the best way to procure fresh produce, because really, how much kale can anyone eat. It’s like zucchini, there is always more than your household could possibly consume.
After Cary and John left I prepared for my next visitors, Jonno and Carmen, also from the Bay Area. They were here for fun and work. Jonno has had a huge role in helping tutor me along in my role to help the Smith River Alliance (SRA) become more available via social media. Along with Patty and Grant of SRA, we paddled a mellow stretch of the Smith River.
Mid way through the float we stopped to check out some of the big old growth redwoods in the Stout Grove on the Mill Creek Trail.
I happen to catch a glimpse of a winter wren with a bit of moss in its bill and followed it to the hide out nest it had built on the underside of a downed old growth redwood. It was so dark under the log that I didn’t know the bird was in the nest until after I took a picture with the flash on. Sweet surprise!
Jonno met his own surprise friend at Rock Creek Ranch, the property owned by SRA on the upper South Fork of the Smith.The calico banana slug- ubiquitous up here.
Thanks to all for the fun weekend! To those who have yet to visit: the water is getting warmer, the berries riper. What are you waiting for?

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