It’s about time!

Friends thought it would never happen. Others have been entranced in the same way. Visitors even, would come for a couple days, and stay for weeks. It’s hard to leave Santa Cruz. This is something every Santa Cruzan knows.

We love it here. The sun shines warm with gentle cool sea breezes, gardens grow anything the imagination can ponder, and between the ocean and seaside mountains there is enough outdoor activity and beauty to keep you busy every day.  Then there are the little things. Everyone has their own, but some of mine are Zachary’s sourdough pancakes, the smoothies at Cafe Brazil, the swim through sea cave in Wilder State Park, mid day runs through Pogonip smelling the Bay Laurel trees, salsa dancing on Sundays at Ideal by the wharf, and so many more!View Post

It’s been long enough though. I’m ready for a change, and here it is. A new job, a new town. I’ve been told that Crescent City is like Santa Cruz was before the University moved here. Sound appealing? A sleepy north coast town with a working fishing fleet, a crystal clear river running out of the mountains behind, and a couple people who care deeply for the protection of the watershed of that river.

That’s the new gig, the Smith River Alliance will be my new job, exactly what I have been looking for and the place I will finally put all those degrees to work. Wish me luck, and follow along on this one. It will undoubtedly be exciting!

5 thoughts on “It’s about time!

  1. Hi Haven! Good job and congrats on making a big move. Sounds like it will be interesting. I actually have an ex-husband in Smith RIver…Rainey’s dad, Tom Smith. He’s a marine biologist. All well here on the Baja – I haven’t left in nearly 5 years…just can’t pull away from this paradise!! Take care – I’ll check up on you from time to time…love, Janet

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